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  1️⃣NIKE DUNKS Nike is both the world’s biggest footwear company, selling every year million of pairs aswell as an ultra-exclusive designer, making some of the most « hard-to-get » trainers within the industry. Originally introduced in 1985, the Dunks are deffo one of Nike’s long-running favorite for sneaker heads. Previously, it hasn’t been a big seller at all. However from 2019, Nike started to strategically build demand by releasing limited stock which lead to having consumer eager to want more.  Making some products difficult to obtain can also influence how shoppers view those that are easier to get. True, it does...

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Summer is just round the corner and like everyone else, we can't wait! After hardly having a proper summer last year, we're expecting everyone to be outside more often. We already know a lot of people will be rocking Jordans this summer, but the question is what's a good item of clothing to pair with them besides t-shirts and shorts? We think we've found the answer, basketball jerseys! If you're a fan of wearing Air Jordans, then it only makes sense having a basketball jersey. We have a vast selection of jerseys available with different teams and colours available. The...

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Welcome to our new website! To celebrate the launch we're giving everyone a little bonus to their first order, use code: NEWTING at checkout for free shipping! Be sure to share our new website on social media with your friends and family! If you buy anything, don't forget to tag us on Instagram & Snapchat @crepselect! Stay up to date with new stock and sizes on our Instagram page! @crepselect Return to home page

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