2022 So FAR! 6 Best Selling Sneakers

2022 So FAR! 6 Best Selling Sneakers

What a great start of the year... the shop has been booming.

Here I am analysing the 6 best selling sneakers´╗┐ of 2022 so far... and I think I can confidently say that Jordan 1s are not as HOT anymore ­čÖâ So what took over? Dunks, Yeezy, Off-white, Air Max? Let's break it down;┬á

6. Jordan 4 Red Thunders 

Obviously Jordan 4s are flying. But the fact that this one is deriving straight from the Black Cat deffo made it join the top 6.


5. Jordan 5 Racer Blue

Crazy! We didn't expect this one to sell that much... It kinda made the Jordan 5s come back from the dead as it managed to push other Jordan 5 such as Blue bird, Off-white. 

4. Yeezy 350 Dazzling Blue

To be honest, this one hasn't really been crazy on release day. BUT this is the Crepselect colours... so our supporters deffo liked this one ­čśÄ Also we are still buying this one so hit us up.

What are the TOP 3 sneakers ??? Ô×í´ŞĆ Check this out┬á­čĹÇ on our YT

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