Today 36 years ago, the first Air Max 1 was created!! 👀👟

 I personally have been a long time fan and still involved, in terms of re selling, its not currently a hype shoe, but I think that will change. Fallen soldier or sleeping giant. I hope the Air Max 1 especially comes back because ive got some fire pairs in my collection. 

Let’s remind ourselves on how things started …
Well, Tinker Hatfield is acc a G! Fair enough, we do rate Jordan 1, but the Air Max 1 is just legendary…

A visible air unit, how do you come up with it?! 

A trip to France simply did it for him; He was inspired by Paris’ building Center George Pompidou. The architects of this building came up with the idea of turning a building inside out. Tinker also wanted to do that with a Nike sneaker. That resulted in the first ever Nike Air Max 1.

March 26, 1986 marked the release of the Air Max 1 and with it, a revolution began. In the form of a literal window to the sole, the invisible became visible and Nike Air cushioning forever changed how Nike designed running sneakers. For almost 30 years, Nike and "air" have been synonymous and inseparable.

 “If we actually cut away some of the midsole and expose the airbag so you could see it, then people will understand it.” – Tinker Hatfield

After making a number of decision and changes on the appearance of the AM1, the 1987 variant was launched. This is the sneaker as we know it today. The Nike brand became bigger and bigger and athletes Michael Jordan and tennis player John McEnroe were promoting it. Nike produced some iconic commercials, even using the Beatles’ controversial ‘Revolution’ song. The sneaker was really thrown into the world like a sports shoe. Nike changed that image in 1988, when they launched the first leather AM1. As we know today, the Nike Air Max 1 would never become a real sports shoe…