Two 2021 hot trends that surprised our fashion consumers 👀

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Two 2021 hot trends that surprised our fashion consumers 👀



Nike is both the world’s biggest footwear company, selling every year million of pairs aswell as an ultra-exclusive designer, making some of the most « hard-to-get » trainers within the industry.

Originally introduced in 1985, the Dunks are deffo one of Nike’s long-running favorite for sneaker heads. Previously, it hasn’t been a big seller at all. However from 2019, Nike started to strategically build demand by releasing limited stock which lead to having consumer eager to want more.  Making some products difficult to obtain can also influence how shoppers view those that are easier to get. True, it does feel good when you manage to get your hands on a limited pairs which leave the raffle losers gutted. 👎 

📈In 2020, it experienced a massive increase due to various collaboration with sneaker shops, designers, musicians, such as Travis Scott, Off white, Grateful Dead, Parra, Ben & Jerry’s…

The Dunk has had a huge comeback in the last 12 months because of the thirst for nostalgia as well as the likes of social media heavyweights such as Virgil Abloh and Ambush doing their own takes on the style.

Every trend has their time to shine?

 I guess we can say that…According to Stock X data, resell prices for newly-released Nike Dunks have fallen. In January 2020, the average resell price was just over $200.

In the summer, it was closer to $800, but has since fallen to around $400, double what it was before. While there is still a tidy profit to be made, the peak of the hype could slowly be behind us. 📉




Founded by Jerry Lorenzo in 2013, Fear of God has quickly become a popular streetwear brand, known for it’s minimal and simple branding. ESSENTIALS is part FOG’s family.

At some point, you couldn’t scroll your Instagram timeline without spotting an essential tracksuit and this from normal people  to big celebrities. 👀

On the other hand, many backslash have been made around the brand. Because why does it cost so much when no creativity is showing… Also you can find similar fits in like H&M for example. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Even though that didn’t stop duplicates to be made by other established brands such as Everlast, Missguided etc. Which definitely impact FOG’sales.

But Why is it so hard to get the right tracky?!😅

The general consensusis that Fear of God's ESSENTIALS range runs big, but the brand's aesthetic is oversized and baggy. You can either rock the baggy look or size down to match your personal style!💧