Basketball jerseys this summer

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Basketball jerseys this summer

Summer is just round the corner and like everyone else, we can't wait! After hardly having a proper summer last year, we're expecting everyone to be outside more often.

We already know a lot of people will be rocking Jordans this summer, but the question is what's a good item of clothing to pair with them besides t-shirts and shorts? We think we've found the answer, basketball jerseys!

If you're a fan of wearing Air Jordans, then it only makes sense having a basketball jersey. We have a vast selection of jerseys available with different teams and colours available.

The beauty of basketball jerseys are all the ways you can style them. You can wear them with or without a t-shirt underneath. If you’re a girl you can get a jersey a couple sizes bigger and wear it sort of like a dress. With all the different colours available you can easily find one that matches any pair of trainers you have.

If you’re going to be rocking some jerseys this summer, be sure to tag us on your fit pics.

Written by Mali at Crep Select, follow my instagram @_malz.3

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