Air Jordan 1 Low Purple Magenta Mismatch

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Air Jordan 1 Low Purple Magenta Mismatch

Let’s start with what’s the same on each foot. As ever, the Air Jordan Wings logo is embroidered across the heel in grey-blue tones, along with a crisp white midsole. A white tongue highlighting dark blue lace units are another feature used across both feet 

However, even with matching midsoles, the outsoles differ: one pink and one green. To match the pink outsole, the right shoe possesses a magenta toe, outlined by dark blue panelling. This dark-pink hue wraps all the way round, finishing up with an orange heel. 

Differently, the left shoe contrasts the lime green outsole with lilac colouring across the body, again outlined by navy panels. Alternatively, the heel adorns a light blue colour. 


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